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I was dreaming about shoes, moccasins to be exact, by the time I completed 5 views of each 300+ pairs of shoes. Here are just a few samples of the different kinds of shoes.

Getting the sandals to stand up on their own without feet in them called for some creative thinking.
And I just thought the sandals made me think…these very tall above the knee boots really called for creative thinking to photograph this product photography. Minnetonka-Moccasins-1698-1
Fringe on Minnetonka Moccasins does not lay flat when the shoe is taken straight out of the box. I tried several things before finding out a simple item used everyday by most women would do the trick! Minnetonka-Moccasins-3551-1
These Minnetonka Moccasins stood on their own making this part of the product photography a little bit easier.

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